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3D Ready

What ‘3D Ready’ really means?

If you’re one of the people wondering the same thing, then look no further as this article will explain everything you need to know about what ‘3D Ready’ really means.
3D Ready is similar to the previously well known...

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lcd vs plasma vs led

LED LCD vs Plasma vs LCD.

In this television technology trifecta, which comes out on top? The subject of countless debates and diatribes, the better question is: which works best? Or more precisely, which works best for you?

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TV distance

TV Viewing Distance and Screen Size.

The optimum TV viewing distance is directly related to your big screen TV size and image resolution. In addition,...

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lighting and TV

Lighting and TV watching safety.

Should I unplug my computer and TV during a storm? No, not during  a storm. Electronic devices should be unplugged before  a storm arrives. A few years ago,...

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